To Kill a Mockingbird

We wanted to bring this Modern American classic alive with an illustrated cover that represented the warmth and dark humour of the original. So we commissioned local print design Artist Hannah Messent to make us a unique and interesting case design that encapsulated everything we love about the book, with a modern twist... and she has done us proud.

This is the first introduction to a range of 'artist's own' covers that we hope will promote local talent and up to the minute British design. Watch this space for more little treasures from our friends...

Product Features

    •    Handmade in England using 40 years of bookbinding experience.
    •    Locally sourced materials include extra strength card, specialist bookbinding paper and a protective wax finish.
    •    Made to look like cloth or leather, not actually made of cloth or leather materials.
    •    Extremely lightweight, durable, secure and splash proof.
    •    Interior moulded device holder is made to fit each device specifically, with access holes for power/navigation buttons and input ports.
    •    No band or latch to close the case, the stiffness of the cover will keep it closed in transit and retains the ‘book look’.
    •    Covers do not fold back on themselves but are lightweight and easily held in one hand.
    •    Ipad Mini covers have a camera hole cut out, magnet closure and sleep/wake function.
    •    Samsung, HDX and Nexus covers have NO camera hole cut out, magnet closure or sleep/wake function.


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We make cases specifically to fit each type of device you have, so please make sure you order the correct case for your device by cross checking the details below. We will charge double postage for returned items that are for the incorrect case and need to be exchanged:

The Kindle 3 has a Keyboard, the 3G model is the same size, with dimensions: 190mm x 123mm x 8.51mm

The Kindle 4 does not have a Keyboard, and is distinctive for its directional navigation button at the bottom, dimensions for kindle 4: 166mm x 114mm x 8.7mm

The Kindle Fire is a colour web browsing tablet device from Amazon, is larger and heavier than the eReader devices they offer. We make a tougher case for these devices. Dimensions for the Kindle Fire: 190mm x 120mm x 11.4mm

The Kindle Touch does not have a Keyboard or any visible buttons on the front and is the only kindle ereader with a touch screen, dimensions for the touch: 172mm x 120mm x 10.1mm

The Kobo Touch does not have a Keyboard only a single horizon button on the front and is the new kid on the UK ereader scene, dimensions for the Kobo Touch: 114mm X 165mm X 10mm

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